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    The Inspiration that Creates our Wines

    Some days, standing at a particular spot in the vineyard where the light spills it is possible to believe the world has just begun and life is full of promise. The soft sound of a breeze rustling the vines, the warm touch of sun on emerging fruit, sky as far off as anyone can see beyond the hills reminds us that there may be nothing quite so wonderful as the simple pleasures given us by nature. At our winery we revel in its simple and elegant bounty. Visit us soon!

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    A Love Story

    Meet the Owners: You and your spouse

    The story of you and how you started your winery

    Our Vineyard

    A video all about what we do here

    A tour of how we met, how we got started, what wine we make, some of our techniques, our gardens and tasting room peek.

  • In the Tasting Room

    The wines vary throughout the season and from year to year

    Pinot Gris


    Oregon’s Other Pinot! Full bodied, velvety and soft with tastes of honey and Meyer Lemons.



    Un-oaked! Pink Grapefruit with good body and a lovely nose.



    Floral nose, medium-sweet, tastes of delicate key

    White Blend


    Our lovely, signature white blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay. Refreshing and fresh!




    This blush has beautiful color, enough sweetness to bring a smile to your lips, yet dry enough for the most sophisticated palate.

  • Photos & Videos

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    Napa at Sunset

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    Our Building and Tasting Room

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    • With your free membership, you get three wines four times a year for a special price of $40/package ($50 for all reds). And we'll tuck in wine notes, suggested pairings and recipes
    • February-Something special romantic
    • May- New release plus two other selections
    • August-New whites and a Blush
    • November-New release Pinot Noir plus Classics
    • We can always accommodate your tastes and give you the wines you want, of course for comparable prices.

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    • We can ship directly to Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Virginia, Washington State, Washington DC. Ask us about other states.
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      We currently ship to thirteen locations: Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, Washington State, Washington DC.
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    • Winemaker's Notes

      Ageless wines you can drink right now - or savor in years to come.

      Vineyard Location Notes

      Our vineyard is on a southeast-facing slope in the last hills of the area. Each vine is nestled in windblown, volcanic soil anchored to this basalt range with depths of six to twelve feet. This rich soil produces grapes lavish in the tastes of the earth and its surrounding micro- climate. Each vine is coaxed by hand to produce full, compact clusters.


      In this unusual microclimate, the 480 foot elevation is protected by higher hills on three sides from any coastal storms or harsh weather changes. The sun warms the grapes throughout the day producing the sugars and flavors into the peak of the afternoon. The grapes are then cooled by the late afternoon and evening ocean breezes that fan down the Columbia River, skirting the coastal range into this, the northern Willamette Valley. This daily cycle is repeated throughout the fall until the grapes are picked at their peak of ripeness.

      The vines, trained to a Henry trellis, achieve a critical balance of vine growth to berry growth. The bunches ripen in their time – slowly – to achieve the utmost flavors this unusual microclimate can create.

    • Events Here this Summer

      Our music series and events calendar runs from May through October


      We are open Fridays-Sundays, Noon to 5:30 PM

      Snack plates are available to pair with your wine! Our Wine Dogs will greet you and bring you down to the patio!


      Some of our favorites:

      • Duo – fabulous saxophone and keyboard. Their jazz sound is terrific and we’ve persuaded them to add in a couple of classical pieces.
      • Singer – Ron has been bringing his beautiful baritone to our vineyard Tasting Room for years and we are happy he will be back this year. He sings the Great American Songbook.
      • Band – An amazing, immersive, percussive treat with original music that will knock you out, and invite you in!
      • Country – Just plain great country! He played with Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson and you will see why. He makes beautiful music – and tells some great stories!


      Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events

      We can help you find caterers and music in the area

      We love to have people celebrate birthdays and other notable events at the winery. We host small groups, business meeting groups and weddings.


      We can accommodate up to 125 people. You are free to bring in your own caterer and we can recommend some we especially like. We have an indoor space with a kitchen that can be used for warming, cooling and prep. When you use our space for your event, we can close the Tasting Room for the day and give you the evening before for set up.

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      We'd love to help you enjoy our wines! Drop us a line here!

      12 - 5:30 Fridays - Sundays Only
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